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Vittoria Rent


What you need to book scooters, mopeds or electric bikes.

What you need to rent a Scooter?
Everything you need will be a passport or identity card, a credit card to make the variable security deposit, depending on the model chosen, a valid driving license. In Italy it is possible to drive the scooter up to 125cc with the normal European driving license for car. For those who reside outside the European Community we recommend that you obtain the international driving license. For vehicles exceeding 125 cc is necessary the license for driving motorcycles.

  What is included in the price of the rental
The price of the rental includes a new scooter (Vespa or another depending on choice) automatic (without gears), two helmets, a tank full of gasoline, a safety chain (which must be used when the scooter is in stop) , the insurance R.C. , and taxs

  Do I have to give a security deposit?
Yes, at the time of signature of the contract we will ask you to give us a deposit. This operation can be made by credit card or cash. The whole amount will be refunded at the time of delivery of the scooter and its accessories in the same conditions as received.

  Can I get my money back if I decide to cancel my reservation?
Of course! It's possible to cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before the booking itself without any penalty. Otherwise only the 30% of the reservation will be retained. In the event of rain, instead, you will always be fully reimbursed!

  Scooters are easy to ride?
Yes, our scooters are modern and without gears. Obviously you need experience in driving motorcycle/scooter, we seek to ensure just beautiful experiences, then we would not recommend strongly to rent a scooter without having sufficient practice.

  What happens if I book a Vespa without being able to drive?
Vittoria Rent reserve the right not to complete the rent if we don't believe acceptable, safety conditions of the driver. In this case it will not be possible to refund the paid at the time of booking.

    How can I pay?
Is it possible to pay with credit card, ATM, cash or with Paypal.

  What other services do you offer?
With VITTORIA RENT You can book the service of "pickups and deliveries" of the vehicle directly at your hotel or apartment. We rent also normal bicycles and electric bicycles with assisted pedal stroke.

  Do I have to fill the vehicle before returning it?
Yes, before the vehicle be returned, you have to full it with a complete tank of fuel, otherwise there is the payment of a surcharge (extra-charge).

  Where can I park the vehicle?
We advise you to park the vehicle in the spaces indicated by white lines in the parks of car ( white lines or blue) of all free for scooters, but remember, never park the scooters on preferential lanes of bus and taxi, or in the car parks for disabled (yellow lines) and on the pavements.

  Can i drive the scooter in two (me and another person) ?
Of course, all our scooters are homologated for the mobility (movement) in the street with the driver and passenger.

  Where can I drive?
You can circulate throughout Rome, by respecting the rules of italian road. Important to remember that it is forbidden the mobility to 50cc scooters in tangential and motorways ("GRA") and lanes for buses.

  Where can I pick up the scooter, the Vespa or bike?
It is possible to pick up the scooter, Vespa or bike visit our headquarters in Rome at Via Vittoria 20 from 10:00 to 19:00 all days, OR WE WILL BRING THE VEHICLE DIRECTLY AT YOUR HOME, OR AT YOUR HOTEL OR AT THE PLACE THAT YOU PREFER. Our vehicles can access the limited traffic zone (ZTL) of the historic center.

  Do you have other questions?
If you have further doubts or curiosity, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at + 39 338.2949084 Or via mail by writing to

All our scooters are homologated for the movement in the street with the driver and passenger.

The rental price includes: Insurance R.C., antitheft padlock and two helmets approved in accordance with the Existing legislation.

The prices are VAT included.