Rental Scooter in Rome

How was born the idea

"Vittoria rent" is born from the intuition and the passion of Vittorio, who was born and lived in Rome. Since from his youth he starts to get interested by the travel tourist industry. His competence and his great predilection for engines has always characterize him, and so he decides today to devote himself to the scooter rental. The idea is born during a holiday in Ibiza, wheRE he rented a Vespa Primavera directly from the hotel he was living. He decides to repropose this service in his native city, characterized by great chaos and frenetic rhythms. The strength of the project matches precisely his passion that has also involved members Stefano and Giulia as additional partner members. Their willing to provide a great and efficient service made vittoria's rent one of the few scooter rental company that delivers at home with any additional cost.

Rome: The Eternal City

It is difficult to say what will leave you more breathless in the eternal city: the opulence of the Vatican, the antiquity of the imperial fora and of the Roman temples, the perfect architecture of the palaces and churches of the Renaissance, the Monumental Fountains.Rome means first of all history: Etruscan tombs, republicans fora, imperial temples, early Christian churches, medieval towers, Renaissance palaces and baroque basilicas.In the oldest among the modern capitals cities, an incredible concentration of history, legends and monuments coexists with an equal concentration of people engaged in everyday life.