Stefano De Martino

Stefano De Martino is one of the co-founders of “Vittoria Rent,” a scooter rental company based in Rome. This company was born out of Stephen’s entrepreneurial vision and his passion for innovation in urban mobility.

With “Vittoria Rent,” Stefano has helped create a high-quality scooter rental service that offers visitors the opportunity to explore Rome in a convenient and exciting way. His dedication to providing a unique and memorable customer experience is evident in the attention to detail and quality of service offered by “Vittoria Rent.”

Thanks to his passion for sustainable mobility and his ability to seize entrepreneurial opportunities, Stefano De Martino has become a leading figure in the scooter rental industry in Rome. His leadership and innovative spirit have contributed to the company’s success, enabling visitors to discover the beauty of Rome on two wheels in an environmentally friendly and exciting way.