Vespa Tours Rome

Private Vespa tour to discover Rome on two wheels. Led by an experienced local guide, you will explore the cobblestone streets of Rome, discovering special and iconic places. Includes stops at places not easily accessible on foot. Climb Rome’s largest hill for breathtaking views of the city. An experience that combines ancient Rome with the modern world.

Discover Rome’s vibrant street art scene on a private Vespa tour. Guided by a local expert, you will explore neighborhoods and streets often overlooked by tourists. Admire murals and contemporary artworks while learning about the history and cultural significance of these artistic expressions. An opportunity to experience an authentic perspective of Rome, outside the conventional itineraries.

Vespa tours to savor Rome’s most delicious dishes. Guided by a local expert, you will visit stores, bars and markets outside the city center, discovering traditional and authentic street food. Visit historic bakeries and the Testaccio farmers’ market, immersing yourself in the local culinary culture. A culinary experience to be thoroughly enjoyed.

Experience the magic of cinema by exploring Rome’s iconic film locations on a Vespa. Guided by a local expert, choose from two itineraries: the Fellini & La Dolce Vita tour or the Neorealism and Pasolini tour. Visit dream locations used in the films of these great directors. The tour culminates in the Aqueduct Park, featured in a memorable opening scene of Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita.”

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